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Is a signing authority and can order a LEI code
Enter whether you are a signing authority
How many years the LEI code should be valid for
Select how many years that LEI Service should renew your LEI code
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Pay and the transfer and renewal is under way!
Pay and the transfer and renewal is under way!

Renew LEI

Renew your existing LEI code

Get an LEI code renewal here

If you already have an LEI code with LEI Service, you can renew it here. It only takes a few minutes.

  1. Enter your CVR number or company name in the application form.
  2. Choose how many years your LEI must be renewed by LEI Service.
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Submit the application.
  5. Your renewal is in progress – we'll take care of the rest.

What does it cost to renew an LEI code?

The price for renewing an LEI code at LEI Service depends on whether you pay for one or more years at a time:

  • 1 year: GBP 59/year
  • 5 years: GBP 47/year

See prices and buy an LEI code right here.

Why should an LEI code be renewed?

An LEI code requires annual renewal. The renewal process is necessary to ensure that data in the global LEI database is relevant and up to date. If your LEI code expires, it is no longer valid and you cannot carry out financial transactions with securities.

Automatic renewal of LEI code

We know that creating LEI code every year can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, we at LEI Service offer multi-year renewals, where we automatically update your LEI registration on your behalf.

We renew your LEI code for a 1-, 3- or 5-year period depending on your wishes. However, if there are changes, you are obliged to notify us so that data can be updated in the GLEIF database. This service is completely free.

The difference between an LEI renewal and LEI transfer

A Legal Entity Identifier renewal is an annual update of the legal entity registration data submitted to the GLEIF database. Data shall be updated at least once a year.

An LEI transfer involves a transfer of the LEI code from one service provider to another. Often you move your LEI code if you are not satisfied with the provider's fees, price or service. You have the option to move your LEI to another LEI issuer (LOU). In the transfer process, the LEI number does not change, as all LEI codes are valid in all jurisdictions.

If you already have an LEI code with another provider, but want to move it to LEI Service, you can do it here for free. In connection with your order of the code for us, we will renew it at the same time for the period you wish.

Read also: Move your registration right here.

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