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Enter whether you are a signing authority
How many years the LEI code should be valid for
Select how many years the LEI code should be valid for
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Pay and receive your LEI code as fast as possible
Pay and receive your LEI code as fast as possible

New LEI code

Legal Entity Identifier registration: the LEI number application

On this page we will help you with your Legal Entity Identifier registration. Are you in need of an LEI number (Legal Entity Identifier)? If you do not already have a registered LEI we can help you obtain one.

All you need to do to get us started on your Legal Entity Identifier registration is fill out the LEI application form above. Please refer to our guide below should you need help completing the application form.

Unsure if you have a pre-existing LEI number? Just select state, enter your business registration number or name in the form above. This allows us to check your information with GLEIF automatically.

LEI number: what is it?

An LEI number, also referred to as an LEI code, is a 20-character code that acts as a reference to important information about the legal entity. This information offers transparency when taking part in financial transactions including trading stocks, bonds or forex. The LEI number functions as an international business or entity registration number. An LEI number is required for performing trades and transactions on the financial markets in a number of countries including the US and the EU.

LEI Service helps legal entities obtain an LEI number. We offer fast, easy and affordable aid with Legal Entity Identifier registration to businesses, funds and other legal entities. Our English-speaking customer service is available to assist you via phone and email.

LEI number application

Need a new LEI number? Simply fill out the LEI application form above. Select state, enter the registration number or name of your entity/businessand choose a preferred length for your LEI validity period. All you need to do now is confirm the information from the official local registry, fill out any blanks and finalize your payment. Your LEI number application is now under way.

Legal Entity Identifier registration lookup

When you complete the LEI Service application form and place your order with us we automatically check for a pre-existing LEI registration for your entity. You cannot obtain more than one LEI number per legal entity. Therefore our service includes an automatic Legal Entity Identifier registration lookup.

US Legal Entity Identifier registration

At LEI Service we believe in transparency and the importance of finding the registration agent most suitable to your specific needs. We therefore always advise our potential clients to compare our terms and prices with those of our competitors before choosing our services.

Follow our LEI application guide below to complete your US Legal Entity Identifier registration.

New LEI number application guide

Follow these steps to complete our fast and easy LEI number application process:

  • Select your state
  • Enter the registration number or name of your entity/business, fill out any blanks and check that all information is correct
  • Select the preferred validity period of your LEI and pay with your credit card, PayPal or by bank Transfer.
  • Your data will then be submitted for verification. Once your data are verified you will receive an email with your new LEI number.

Should we be unable to verify your data with the local authorities we will contact you requesting additional information about your application. When your information is approved the LEI number will be issued.

Unable to provide information concerning ownership structure?

In the event that the legal entity applying for an LEI number is owned by another entity or the legal entity is not able to provide information concerning these relations, the reason or exception must be stated. Reasons and exceptions include:

  • The entity is owned or controlled by one or more person(s)
  • The parent entity does not consolidate accounts
  • The entity does not have a parent entity according to the GLEIF Legal Entity Identifier definition (no known person controls the entity, i.e. diversified shareholding)
  • Legal restrictions prevent the applicant from publishing or providing this information
  • Legal commitments prevent the applicant from publishing or providing this information
  • Consent has not been sought from the parent entity to publish or provide this information
  • The parent entity is unable to confirm whether providing this information would be detrimental to the applicant’s entity or not
  • Disclosure of this information would be detrimental to the applicant’s entity or its parent entity


Here you can get the most affordable LEI enabling your company or fund to engage in financial transactions in a safe way.

You will in most cases need a LEI. Entities subject to the MiFID II / EMIR regulations must have a LEI. Banks and investment platforms are required to see a valid LEI before you can trade in those cases.

We need your entity registration number and in rare cases additional information about ownership structure. In most cases we will automatically get the relevant information from the business register. Please note, for funds and other special legal entities we do require additional information.

If you need more than one LEI number in one order, please send us an e-mail at We will then make sure to help you with this in the easiest way possible and see that you get lowest LEI number price possible.

If you wish to carry out transactions on the financial markets, then most companies need a LEI number. The LEI stands for Legal Entity Identifier and can be thought of as an international business number.

To promote transparency concerning which parties are involved in financial transactions, the LEI system has been implemented. The aim of the LEI system is, among other things, to reduce the risk of money laundering and other criminal actions.

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