How to obtain an LEI

How to obtain a Legal Entity Identifier

With nearly 14% of the world’s Legal Entity Identifiers registered in the financial services economy the United States is the world’s largest user of the LEI. The reason for this is the large number of US regulations that request the LEI when reporting transactions. But do you know how to get an LEI number?

If your US company is transacting on the financial market, it is highly likely that you will need to get an LEI number.

Even if you are not legally required to get an LEI there are many benefits associated with having a Legal Entity Identifier. For this reason many LLCs and Sole Traders are turning to the LEI though they may not be required to. And since the LEI system is on its way to becoming a global standard it is a good idea to obtain an LEI number before you need it.

Read on to learn more about how to obtain an LEI number.

Michael Bjerggaard, LEI Service
Michael Bjerggaard  

Michael holds a master’s in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School.
Michael has previously worked with compliance in the banking sector.
Michael is co-founder of a real estate advisory company and a legal-tech company (with same owners as LEI Service).

How do I obtain an LEI number?

LEI numbers are available through Local Operating Units (LOUs). A Local Operating Unit, also referred to as a LEI issuing organization, is an organization accredited by GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier) or endorsed by the ROC (Regulatory Oversight Committee). The LOU issues LEI numbers to legal entities.

However, in order to streamline the issuance of LEI numbers GLEIF has introduced the concept of “Registration Agent.” This makes it easier for legal entities to access LOUs and get an LEI issued.

What is a Registration Agent?

A Registration Agent can help you with everything you need related to how to obtain an LEI number. The Registration Agent’s role is to assist legal entities to access LEI issuing organizations. The Registration Agent partners with one or more LOUs and ensures that its clients’ needs for LEI services are met.

LEI Service is a Registration Agent. This means that we make it easy for you to access LOUs and get an LEI number issued. We take care of the application process and manage communications with the legal entity. We also securely process and receive payment when an LEI number is issued or renewed.

We make sure that getting an LEI code is fast, easy and affordable.

Do you have any queries about our work? Email us at to learn more. Our English-speaking customer service will answer any questions you may have.

How to obtain a Legal Entity Identifier: the application

Do you need an LEI number for your US company? LEI Service makes it easy for you to get an LEI number issued.

You can apply for a new LEI number here.

All you need to do to get started is enter your company number here. This lets our system automatically search for and locate your data in the local business register (if listed). When our system has found your data we will ask you to confirm that it is correct. Once this is done we will take care of the application process—all that is left for you to do is wait. You will receive your new LEI number within 6 to 48 hours.

How to get a Legal Entity Identifier renewed

Now you know how to obtain an LEI. But LEI numbers also require annual renewal to ensure that all information is updated and correct. LEI Service can help you renew an existing LEI number from another Registration Agent. We also offer the option of automatic LEI renewal.

Click here to transfer and renew an existing LEI number.

How long does it take for my LEI to be registered?

LEI Service offers VIP / express delivery of new LEI numbers. When you finalize your purchase before 11 AM Western time on a weekday you have the option to add VIP / express delivery to your order. We will complete your LEI registration within six hours. (Available only to orders of new LEI numbers.)

As banks and the global register update and collect LEI information daily please note that it may take up to 24 hours before your new LEI number is visible in the global GLEIF register.

Check your LEI with LEI lookup

If you need to check that your LEI information is up to date in the global LEI system or you want to look up the LEI information of another legal entity, you can use the GLEIF LEI lookup.

Click here to search the GLEIF database for the information you are looking for.

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